Modern life's a
You work super hard putting on events for people to make new connections. And they work well.

But modern life means many members often find it tricky to attend. They get busy. Other priorities compete. Sometimes they end up not showing up and networking simply doesn’t happen for them.

Which is frustrating for them. And you.

We define networking as "meeting helpful new connections". It’s why members always say they want more of it.

But people want to network when it’s convenient for them. And reflecting their modern working habits. So we designed hophop to provide year-round, 1.1 networking conversations between members.

You bring the members. We provide the networking.

What our users say, your members will say
Whatever the industry, human beings are the same. We all want and value the same things.
Especially human connection. Your members are no different.

My first experience of hophop exceeded my expectations of what I had assumed you could get out of a networking chat. I had a very meaningful conversation around both professional and personal development and related over many of these aspects despite the differences in our seniority and experience levels.


I like hophop chats because I can talk to interesting people who I would otherwise not meet, at a mutually convenient time, in the knowledge that the other person is also motivated to have a nice chat without the pressure of the ‘hard sell’.

Gerald Eve

I like hophop chats because I get to meet new connections on a one-to-one basis in a hassle-free and friendly environment.

Waterman Group

Hophop has been such a great way to meet new people in the industry and build meaningful connections with people that I may otherwise not get the chance to meet. It has even created a snowball effect – my colleague introduced me to someone she’d had a great conversation with on hophop. That suddenly turned into a coffee, which turned into a larger team networking breakfast, which turned into an even larger women in property event – all because of one conversation on hophop!

Gerald Eve

I really like the simplicity and light touch-ness of hophop. The ease of opting in or out, and how it nominates someone to take the lead in organising really help smooth the process of being connected to someone you don’t know.


I like hophop chats as they connect you to someone new that you wouldn’t necessarily ordinarily meet. They are really informal, friendly chats – not intimidating at all like trying to network at a big event where you don’t know anyone. They’re really easy to arrange, only take half an hour out of your week and are virtual. I’ve met some really lovely, interesting people, one of whom I’ve already met up with in person and know I could contact anyone of them again if I needed some advice.

Pinsent Masons
Become a super

Hophop introduces members to others within your member community. By offering hophop, you’ll unlock a new supply of fantastic networking conversations which currently don’t occur.

New relationships will be formed and productive collaborations will emerge. Mentors will be found and adventures will start. And your community will thank you for it.

What next?

Would your members value more networking conversations?

If it’s yes, let’s chat. Hophop’s light touch and super simple. That includes offering it.

Fill out the form below. We’ll be sure to respond quickly to you.
We’ll answer your questions. You’ll (hopefully) agree to start.
You notify your base about hophop. We’ll start introducing them.
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You’ll have questions. We’ll answer them. Let’s see where it leads!

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How do hophop chats work?

Every fortnight, members can choose to be introduced to a fellow member for a 30 minute 1-1 networking chat. After an email introduction, a zoom/Teams chat is scheduled.

Which type of person/member especially likes hophop?

Any member who wants to meet new connections loves hophop! However we find it really appeals to members who, perhaps, don’t get to events. Either because events are not really their thing or it’s logistically difficult.

Why do member organisations provide hophop for their members?

Networking is probably the biggest reason to join a member organisation or professional community. And events are the go-to solution for meeting new connections.

However modern working schedules make it difficult for many members to attend. So although they want more networking opportunities, they’re not coming to events.

Hophop provides members with year-round, 1.1 networking conversations, which fit around their diaries. 

Does a member have to have a minimum number of hophop chats?

No. Every fortnight, hophop members get the option for an introduction that week. However it’s up to the individual if they do. Many users meet someone new every time, whilst others use hophop as and when their diary allows.

How does hophop handle member information and data?

A member must specifically sign up to hophop and its Ts & Cs. Members provide their information and permission to hophop to use it. We only collect, and use, the data needed to provide the service. We do not share this data with anyone else.

What is required from the member organisation to operate hophop?

After formally partnering with hophop, the member organisation must promote the service to its members. However there is zero ongoing operational or technical resource requirement from them.

How does hophop make money?

The member organisation or community owner pays hophop to provide the service for its base. It’s networking as a service.

How can I start offering hophop?

As we like to say…it all begins with a chat! Hophop’s designed to be simple and we find a 20 minute conversation is sufficient to answer most queries. After that, once we agree to partner with each other, it’s about you making members aware of the service. They’ll start signing up, and we’ll start introducing them.